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Packing Tips

Packing your possessions for transporting.

There are four main reasons for packing your possesions:

  1. To facilitate the carrying of your possessions
  2. To protect your possessions from breakages
  3. To enable effecient and safe stacking of your possessions in the van
  4. For easier reorganization of your possessions in your new home


provide one of the best materials for packing since they offer good protection, are great for stacking, can be easily carried and you can also quickly write the contents on the outside. Different size boxes suit different purposes; small and strong for books, large and more flexible for bedding and so on.

Tissue/wrapping paper:

is great for wrapping crockery, ornaments and other breakables before placing in boxes. However, in the absence of professional wrapping paper normal newspaper is fine.

Whilst purpose built moving boxes are convenient they are not essential. Boxes obtained from the local grocer or wine merchants are acceptable. Banana boxes with the lids are great for packing books.

Bags and bin liners have the advantage of being very easily obtainable, cheap and do not take up much space when rolled up before being used. They are fine for bedding and clothes but not for crockery and other breakables.

Tip 1:

    When reassembling flattened boxes do not interweave the bottom, rather, just close the two shorter flaps together, then the two longer flaps and then use one or two strips of brown or gaffer tape straight down the middle where the two longer flaps meet, allowing a generous excess of tape to overlap up the sides at either end.

Tip 2:

    Boxes should be able to be comfortably lifted by one strong man. Books should not be put into large boxes as this encourages over-filling.

Washing machines:

we can usually disconnect and then reconnect washing machines at no extra charge, subject to standard fittings being present. Washine machines should be secured with the original transportation brackets supplied by the manufacturer.


these need to be disconnected and then reconnected by a qualified CORGI registered installer.

Fridges and freezers:

should be emptied of their contents prior to transportation. Please note that fridges and freezers need to be left to stand before being switched on again after being transported. This is because during handling the cooling fluid and the lubicating fluid get mixed together and then need some time to return to their natural states. London Removals recommends 24 hours although you should check with the manufacturers' websitefor your own model.


don't need to be packed in boxes unless they are very delicate and small.

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